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New Project for DD Woodworking Class

Wednesday we used computers to research what our next woodworking project would be. This was due to it being very cold (for Florida) outside - 60 degrees.

We used Lumberjocks website as well as buildeazy for ideas. Not only were the students getting familiar with using a web browser, but they were getting excited about finding a project to do. We found 17 ideas and I will narrow the field down to about 3 or 4 based upon 1) what tools we have 2) the skill sets they need to learn 3) a project where the most can benefit. Projects that require a lot of 'front end' cutting or prep work also will be eliminated, such as a table with many angles to be cut on the table saw.
Welcome to LJ lincster. I can tell from David's comment that there's more to this story. As for what appears to be your shop class, I suggest you post up a list of equipment and ask for suggestions on what to build. There's probably a lot of teachers on the site and a bunch of students too. Couldn't hurt.

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