Spike Plate - for Bowl Turning (Rating: 5)

Even though I'm not a production bowl turner, I've been working on getting better and more efficient at turning bowls. One of the clunkier parts of the process is the initial mounting of a blank. Whether you use a traditional face plate or a screw chuck, it can be slow going. I think a screw chuck is fine for smaller bowls, except when it strips out the threads. But for large bowls a screw chuck can be cumbersome to mount and less effective.

The Spike Plate was designed by Amy Grigg, a production bowl turner and a great member of the woodturning community, to bring some efficiency to the bowl blank mounting process. The concept is very simple. A centered registration pin is used to guide the blank into position, the tail stock spindle is used to press the blank against the Spike Plate, and the 22 spikes lock the blank in place as you turn the bottom of the bowl and a tenon.

The Spike Plate is made of high quality anodized aluminum, and uses an integrated face plate to attach to your lathe spindle. A bowl blank can be mounted in seconds with very little chance of error (no splitting the blank from screws, no stripping out threads from a screw chuck, and my favorite, no snapping off screws in the blank). I also love using the Spike Plate for turning platters, and this is done by simply removing the registration pin. I like this option because using screws on a platter introduces the risk of going too deep into the material, whereas the Spike Plate takes a very shallow but aggressive bite.

Spike Plate is available for $150 from this web site: https://www.amygrigg.com/spike-plate

I've done a review on my YouTube channel, and you can see a demonstration:

I'm also giving away a Spike Plate on my FaceBook page if you want to sign up for that (giveaway will happen on 9/9/19). https://www.facebook.com/Toolmetrix/

Thanks for looking!

Cheers, Paul