Rockler - Table Saw Magnet Micro Adjuster (Rating: 3)

One problem is that because its made of 2 pieces of plastic glued together it will break apart at the seam. You can try to glue it back together but it soon comes apart again.

(This is an update 40 days after the first post. Walmart sells a 3pk of generic super glue for 89 cents. I glued it up and clamped it lightly over night. It seems to be holding up fine.)

Other than that, I love this thing. It will move the fence thousandths at a time, allowing you to sneak up on a precise cut. If you decide to get one be gentle is all I can say and be careful how you pull it off the saw as the magnets are very strong.

Also people with the sawstop and a few other saws are finding that the lip is a little big and gets in the way of the measuring guage. A great fix is to cut it back. Ive added some pics to show you mine

Thanks and be safe

Update 6/17/2015: It looks like its been over 2 years since this first posted and the walmart super glue is still holding. Just hope I havent jinxst it.