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Problem with Rikon band saw belt tension

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I got the Rikon 10-325 and it has worked great for the past 5 years or so up until fairly recently whenever I started having a problem with the belt. It doesn't want to stay tensioned. I tension it and then proceed to cut and the blade stops because the belt loses tension. I contacted Rikon and they gave me some tips, tried those but it didn't work. I know a lot of these are out there so I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar problem. If so, how did you correct it?
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So you are seeing movement of the belt tension hand wheel while cutting?
I haven't tried to look at the wheel while cutting. I'll do that and report my finding.
The only reason I can think of why you are losing belt tension is the tension screw rod is backing off as you cut from vibration. It may be that you need a new belt. If you have the original belt I believe it's a belt that looks somewhat clear/translucent and those belts do get hard and glazed and loose their grip.
Link belts will get glazed and slip it's all down hill from there. Red ones or the stinky one from harbor freight
Whenever I re-tension and turn it on the tension stays put but the belt twists and works its way off the pulleys. I'll remove the bottom flywheel and investigate the pulleys just to make sure nothing's off there but I'm guessing I just need a new belt.
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Update: judging from these photos, looks like I'll start with a new belt. Pretty worn in spots and twisted. Aj2, are you saying Harbor Freight sells replacement belts? I can't seem to find any on their web page.


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your talking about the motor drive belt …. correct ?
HF does not sell these belts maybe :<))
I'll just order from Rikon. Thanks guys.
I would like to make it clear what I think about Harbor Freight.
Everything thing they sell is garbage and the store stinks.
I mostly agree. I don't shop their for major tool purchases. But I do go there for odds and ends. I did buy a Chicago stubby corded drill (for tight spaces) there once for $30. But I rarely use that tool so I couldn't justify spending a lot more for a tool like that.
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