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Problem with no-mortise inset hinges

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I am having an issue installing no-mortise inset hinges. I have tried both full wrap and partial wrap hinges and have the same problem. The issue is that when I get the hinges installed the inset doors will not close properly. They won't close fully as they spring out about an inch on the open end side. I have spend hours trying to adjust and re-adjust them but can't figure out why the spring out. It isn't on just one door either. I have four doors on two cabinets and it does the same thing. Has anyone had this problem and how did you resolve it.
Many thanks in advance.
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make sure the edges of the face frame and door are square, out of square will cause the hinge to bind up on the back side of the door before the door is shut, I have also had problems with the screw heads sticking proud of the hinge surface, look for dents opposite the screw head in the wood, I like to use a self centering drill bit to make pilot holes which gets the screw centered not cocked to one side, the screw needs to sit nice and flat, you can also put a back bevel on the door to give some clearance, just a couple of degrees should do the trick, hope this helps

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I don't mean this to sound insulting, so please don't take it that way. A time or two I've had to take a minute to make sure I've had the hinges folded the right way before installing them. Without taking a good look, you could easily mistake them for being folded correctly, while they are backwards.

Is it possible that is your issue?

Just a follow up on my hinge problem. I resolved the problem following Cutmantom's suggestions, plus.
1. The countersinks that are manufactured in the hinges are too shallow and the screws set out a bit proud. I countersunk them a bit more and that helped.
2. I cut a 2 - 3 degree back bevel on the hinge side of the door.
3. I found that the hinges are manufactured a little under 90 degrees where they wrap around the door and the frame. I bent them out a tweek.
All is well with the doors and finally done with a project that has drug on way too long.
Thanks for the suggestions.
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