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Problem with belt on Rikon 20-110 jointer

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I have a Rikon 20-110 jointer and have had problems lately with the belt coming off during use. I bought a new belt from Rikon in the last few months, so I don't think that is the problem. I'm afraid I may be missing a part-after I put the pulley on the shaft and add the key, there is nothing to hold the pulley onto the shaft. I'm thinking maybe a screw worked its way loose from vibration. For anyone who has this or a similar model, is there a screw attaching the pulley to the shaft? Thanks for any info.
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Don't own this jointer, but if there is a hole on side there is probably a set screw with Allen wrench slot? Wondering if you took it off and misplaced it? Little parts get picked up by the poltergeist in my shop!

If so you can go to your friendly ACE to match up the threads. I know this part of my store very well. LOL!

Hope you find a solution. You can also get some locktite, but ask so you don't get the super bonding stuff.
Thanks, Doc!

Had similar problem w/belt drive on my old craftsman table saw.
I emailed Rikon customer service. They responded in less than 24 hours with a diagram showing the bolt and washer that are missing on my jointer. They gave me the part numbers and I will be ordering them today. I'm sure this will solve my problem. I've had great experience with Rikon customer service, even though I bought my jointer off Craigslist.
Sounds good!
Can't say enough praise about Rikon customer service. The belt on my jointer wore out, and they were out of stock on the exact belt but recommended another that would fit. A technician got on the phone and gave me advice about belt tension and which pulley to use. And I'll said it again, this is on a machine I bought off of Craigslist and they were still happy to help me. Excellent.
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