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Well I have must say this machine has piqued my interest. Right now I have 3 small portable table saws for my work. I am selling the oldest Dewalt because of the time in service. I am a design/build remodelor. Our tools need to take rough use. We move from job to job and it is tough to keep things from just the abuse of moving from job to job. I have been contemplating purchasing a grizzly hybrid that would stay in our shop for sheet goods knock down. We have also talked about a track saw for cutting sheet goods on site for numerous things. So, either cut the sheet goods in the shop and then use one of the job site portables to final cut, or a track saw to the job site for final cutting and placement.
The nice advantage about the Grizzly Hybrid is that we could then use in the shop for other things.
The nice thing about the Festool or Makita track saw is the excellent dust control.

So, for me, what I see in the Pro-Cut 50 is sort of a compromise. Somewhat portable but not as portable as a track saw but also somewhat stationary. I visualize hauling it to the job site then setting it up in the shop for making everyday cuts. As an example, today we were working the punch list on a small office space build out. We had 4 pcs. of undersill trim that needs to be ripped because a desk is setting under these windows and the undersill needs to fit. So, we just brought those pcs. back with us to cut on one of our portables. If we had the Grizzly hybrid it would be done in about 5 minutes or less. The track saw would be cumbersome to rip that trim. And I am not sure how the Pro-Cut 50 would handle that.

The other issue I see with the Pro-Cut 50 is dust containment. Not so much in permanent location but in jobsite locations. Which is where it is becoming more and more critical. Festool gets it when it comes to dust containment for a design/build remodelor like me. The other tool people think that everyone works on new homes. 95% of the time there is a family that has to eat supper where we work today. They get tired real quick of the dust. So, whatever we can do to minimize it is greatly appreciated. Sure makes change orders easier to swallow.

If Roger from Toronto tool is still listening. For me they need to address dust control. That Hitachi has no method to contain the sawdust. Why couldn't we put a Festool or a Makita on the Pro-Cut 50 so we could control the dust. And we haven't even talked about the router.
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