DeWalt - DW26453 5 inch random orbital sander (Rating: 5)

I've had my Bosch 1295DVSK ROS for several years and have been mostly happy with it, but two things have been a disappointment: 1) it chatters more than it seems reasonable; and, 2) the vacuum attachment doesn't hold well anymore, partially due to the rubber ring on the sander itself getting brittle.

I've read several reviews of the DeWalt, so I decided to see if it was the answer. This reconditioned model is only $59 at CPO

Three observations:
1) I did not do a direct side by side test, but I worked on a refinishing job I had started with the Bosch, and the DeWalt seems to sand a bit more aggressively.
2) There is noticeably less chatter than with my Bosch
3) The vacuum attachment is much more convenient, but it did slip off a few times-it was much easier to reattach and get back to work than with the Bosch.

So . . . pretty pleased with this sander. Good tool, good price.