Wood River - #5 1/2 (Rating: 5)

My daughters gave me a Woodcraft gift certificate for my birthday. I don't have a low angle jack plane which I have always wanted. I did the usual research and decided that I probably will go with LN or LV version in the future. I have the Woodriver 4 1/2 which I really like and after reading the reviews here and elsewhere, I decided to go for the Woodriver 5 1/2. I was very pleased with the fit and finish, everything flat and square, etc. The blade is quite hefty and just needed a little work with the waterstones (does anyone know by the way what kind of steel ?01 or something less than that in terms of carbon content). I put it to the test before dawn this AM and planed a large platter (figured maple and bloodwood). The tool performed beautifully. Unfortunately my wife saw me watching a youtube video about the 5 1/2 ("The only plane you'll ever need) and now is asking me whether I plan to sell my other planes! Not likely!