Noden - Adjust-a-Bench (Rating: 4)

I was the Washington Woodworkers Guild booth at a woodworking show in Northern Virginia the last weekend before Covid shut everything down in 2020. I had decided to build an assembly table for the inside part of my shop. We had a couple of Noden Adjust-a-Benches in our booth and decided that I would use the kit as a starting point for my assembly table.

There was a Noden booth at the show, so I stopped by and ordered the kit. At the time, I decided not to get the mobility kit.

The kit arrived several weeks later, but I didn't start assembling the kit until the Fall. There are some excellent, if somewhat over-detailed, YouTube videos that walk you through the construction. I thought about adding wheels myself, but after looking at it the mostly assembled bench, I decided the mobility kit was a better option.

My table is about 42" wide by about 84" long. If you didn't get the mobility kit, 42" would be too wide for the base, which is only 19" wide.

I decided on the length based on the fact that 6' long threaded bar was easy to obtain, anything longer than that, not so much.

If you have much weight on the table, it's really hard to adjust.

Other photos on my Assembly Table project.