Leigh - 18-Inch Super Jig (Rating: 4)

I'm building a desk, a really nice one for my wife and I needed to make four drawers. Dovedails were the only joint I was willing to make for them but I'm really not very good at hand cutting them so I picked this up from Woodcraft for the job. I knew the setup would take some time but it took me all damn day to get one good test cut out of this thing. By the time I had finished the drawers I had gotten pretty good at changing the setup and had developed a better understanding of how this thing works and am pretty happy with it.

There are really only two knocks I have against it. The first is the left side stop. On the D4R it is a tab that is machined into the billet aluminum base, fixed and split on the upper and the lower stop. On the super jigs it is a small piece of plastic that you screw into the base when you put it together. There's an adjustment procedure you have to do to get the upper and lower stops aligned with each other. While it's not terribly hard, I do have to keep this in mind to check it whenever I use it.

The second knock is that the base on the D4R is machined out of billet aluminum. The super jigs are made from a box aluminum extrusion. The end caps are plastic and the ends of the lockdown bars are plastic.

While it seems to work ok, I would rather have had the D4R overall.