HTC - HTC3000 Heavy Duty Mobile Base (Rating: 4)

I recently embarked on a restoration project on an old Unisaw. Like a lot of folks working out of the garage, the mobile base is a requierment. I looked around at many of the bases on the market and was turned off by the cost of most of them. I had a hard time justifying $150 or more for one of these, regardless of how bad the need was. I finally settled on the HTC3000 heavy duty base that was rated at 700lbs. The Unisaw is a big heavy cabinet saw weighing in the neighborhood of 500lbs, so I got the strongest one they had. When I put the base on the saw, I noticed the bars that connect the corners are mild steel straps, so I knew they would bend relatively easy. With the full weight of the saw on the wheels, the front caster mounts do flex, and it gives a bit of a bouncing movement when I pull the saw across the garage floor. The retractable feet lock down and release with no issues. The levers are a hard plastic that I've heard many complaints about. To be sure, these levers are not going to break under normal usage. They are actually made pretty well. The problem I have is the flex that the caster mounts have. Had I designed the base, I would have made them much stronger, to inspire the confidence that I'd like to have when pulling up to 700lbs of saw around without it bouncing around.

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The base assembled pretty easy, once I realized that the instructions are dead wrong when they tell you to get out a bunch of standard size wrenches: 7/16, 1/2 and so on. I found quickly that everything on this base is metric. They LIE!!!

Other than those issues, I'm happy with the base. I can move my saw to the center of my garage when I'm using it, and push it back to it's parking spot when I'm done. I need to get one for my jointer now.

- Wayne