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Preserving Bois d'arc's Brilliant Yellow Color

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Has anyone found the secret to preserving the brilliant yellow color of freshly milled Bois d'Arc? (Osage Orange)

I have made a couple of pens and wine stoppers out of Bois d'Arc and I really like the eye catching bright yellow color. The problem is that the bright color doesn't last and gives way to a rich brown shade over time. This isn't entirley bad but I'd sure like to keep the vibrant color longer.

Any Advise….

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I like that color too. When you find out how to preserve it I want to know. Where did you find the Osage Orange wood?
When I was a Freshman in HS (1955) I turned a lamp base from Osage Orange. Finished it with shellac. Today, that lamp base is almost the color of fumed oak. It's always been in a fairly dark room.
The problem has to do with Ultra Violet light. Finishes that have a UV block need to be replenished every couple of years or so. Do a google for UV finishes and see what you can find.

Here is some info
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Cabinetmaster - I live in North Dallas and have several trees in the yard. This piece was just some branch I had to trim.
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