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Prefab antiques early 1900's

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I'm working on(repairing) an early 1900's side board. This is clearly a production piece but the construction seems almost haphazard. I'm looking at what appears to be original nails without pilot holes and screws securing the top through the outside moulding. Almost as if a factories crew went on strike and non-skilled labor came in and banged it together with nails a little glue.

Is anyone aware of prefabricated furniture that was made available to the public? Turn of the century or later. This is quarter sawn white oak with oak and poplar as secondary woods. It has wire nails and slotted screws. some of the issues are because someone "repaired" this before but other aspects seem to be original. The parts inside and out are better than average quality. The grooves, dovetails, mortises, and tenons are machine cut.

I'd appreciate any insight.

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Things were rough in Oklahoma in those days/years. More likely as you said, someone with no experience kept it together the best they could. It would be interesting to get the story behind it if you can.
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