Powermatic - PM 1500 (Rating: 5)

Well the saw has not yet arrived, but i did want to share my reasons for choosing the Powermatic over a few other brands.
I got a chance to compare the Powermatic to similarly priced Jet and Rikon units. The comparison did not include any actual use, as the units were on display at the Indianapolis Rockler store.
To me, the PM just felt more substantial . I especially liked how solid the blade guard felt when fully extended. The crank handle also felt better and operated more smoothly.

Note that i did purchase the PM 1500, but my comparison was made between each company's 14 inch offerings. I figured the quality should be better as i moved up the model line.

With Jet and Rikon out of consideration, i started getting interested in the Harvey Ambassador C14. Mostly from the few positive reviews I'd read.

I decided to write down the pros and cons of each saw, assigning one point for each catagory.
In the end, the PM won my little test. Not unexpectedly, given the price difference.

The Harvey won 2 categories and tied in 3 others.
Price $1678 vs. $2699
Left Tilt range (-15 degrees vs. -10) not sure that will come into play too often.

I rated the following as ties:
Guides (to each their own)
Resaw, though the PM is 1/2" greater.
Reviews, though there are very few Harvey reviews.

Main influences on my decision, and all advantage Powermatic:
Table size
Table height: 40" vs 34-1/4! At 6'3" this is important. I did not see where Harvey provided a stool.
Motor: Taiwan vs Red China
Weight: 350# vs 394#! The Harvey must have some thin metal somewhere
Wheel size: 14" vs 15"

Fit and finish: I did not see a Harvey in person, but the PM fit and finish are excellent.
Country of origin: I'm still politically active, and i oppose what Red China is doing to their people and our economy. Some of you old guys might feel the same

Local support: I bought from a local shop. Money stays in my area instead of going to some warehouse store a thousand miles away. I anticipate better customer service dealing with a local bricks and mortar shop. The Harvey's have no dealer network that I am aware of at this time.

The PM was on sale at 10% off until 2/28/21. My dealer claims PM, Jet, and Laguna have all informed him that there will be no more sales in 2021, as demand is so great. I guess they don't feel the need to cut prices if we're going to buy anyway

I have read the reviews that say just go to an Italian brand for a few hundred more, and my dealer can get them, but I'm already going to be kicking myself in the morning for dropping $2700

I have gotten back into woodworking after a 20 year hiatus. I've built some live edge furniture, a child's workbench, and some shelving and other items that did not require a high level of precision since getting back into the hobby.

I'm upgrading in anticipation of retiring later this year.
Next up is a Saw Stop, dust collector, and drum sander.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but hopefully this helps someone else who might be in the market. I'm also looking forward to everyone's thoughts.

Oh, I should expect shipment late April.