Powertec - BGSS800 Slow Speed Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (Rating: 5)

I just received and setup my new Powertec slow speed grinder. It's a 1/2 hp grinder that spins at 1725RPM. It comes with both 60grit and 120grit white aluminum oxide wheels (i may replace the 120grit wheel with a 60grit Norton). Total cost from Amazon was $92.09 shipped ($69.99 + $22.10 shipping). While the grinder is an import from China, It's surprising pleasantly to use.

I'm using a cast iron stand i purchased from Harbor Freight. The Powertec is replacing a Harbor Freight high speed grinder which would rattle incessantly and end up walking around my shop. In comparison, the Powertec is glassy smooth with no vibration. Out of the box the wheels seem very balanced (i see no need for a one-way wheel balancer).

To mount the grinder to the pedestal I constructed a base out of scrap pieces of 3/4" plywood. The grinder is bolted to the pedestal using 3/8" x 4" #10 bolts, slip washers, 1 1/4"x3/8" washers and 3/8" nuts. The plywood base is screwed in with 1" screws with 1" washers.

The tool rests that comes with the Powertec are fairly small and difficult to adjust, which seems to be the norm for grinders. I've replaced the tool rest on the 60 grit stone with a one-way wolverine rest. The 120 grit stone is still using the smaller tool rest which might come in handy when dealing shorter chisels.

My first test subject was an older plane iron from a Stanley #5C. With very light pressure material was removed with ease. Finding an exact 25 degree angle took seconds. Leaving the iron on the stone longer than reason told me didn't even come close to scorching it; a fete considering the thin edge of the Stanley iron. After honing a secondary/tertiary bevel on water stones (currently Norton but soon to be replaced with Shaptons) the iron is now sharper than it has ever been.

Next up… several Hock irons, a woodriver #6 Iron and 3 Lie Nielsen chisels.