Powermatic - 54HH 6 inch jointer (Rating: 1)

There's a poor quality video (shot with my iPad in low-light) of the jointer here:

This is my first powermatic tool, and I'm very, very disappointed. For frame of reference, the other main woodworking tools I have in my shop are (1) Sawstop Professional TS, (2) An American-made Delta bandsaw (probably early-mid eighties), and Rockler wall-mount dust collector. I also have the Incra TS-LS Supersystem and a whole bunch of Woodpeckers accessories (really love the Incra and Woodpeckers stuff). All of those tools and accessories have exceeded my expectations - so I'm not one of these perpetual whiner-types who is never happy with anything. But, when I pay more than 1,000 for a "premium brand" tool, I don't expect to have to try twice to get what I want.

As I said, this is my first Powermatic tool. I've read rave reviews of them and was excited to get going with the new jointer. I actually paid MORE for the ONYX version because a) I bought it when there was 15% off all powermatic tools (except the ONYX ones) and b) there was free shipping on the non-onyx tools. But I liked the look of the black a lot better than the yellow, so I sprung.

The first thing I noticed about the thing when I pulled the plastic off was that there was oversprayed paint on the jointer bed, mostly on the infeed side. I took my fingernail (and only my fingernail) to see if it would come off, and sure enough, it did, but it took other paint off with it!!!! As I looked a little closer, I could see where the paint had cracked off in a lot of different areas on the machine. I say "cracked" and not "chipped" because basically all you have to do is press on it and it "cracks" off, just like rust or candy would. In the short term, this probably wouldn't be a big deal, but if it looks this bad in the first hour, imagine how bad it would be in 7 1/2 years (the length of the ONYX warranty). It would be rusted all over!

Add to this the fact that of the three bolts that hold the jointer to the base, only two worked (the third was improperly threaded - yes, I know how to recognize an improperly-threaded bolt), and you have a very, very disappointed first-time Powermatic customer. I'm a relatively young woodworker (33 years old) and could have been a lifelong powermatic customer. As it is, I'm sending the jointer back (I spoke with Powermatic Customer Service, and I was als not impressed with them: "We can send you a can of paint and a razorblade." ) Really?

FWIW, I'm not alone in this. I noticed this review (look for Kevin's review from the trade show toward the bottom of the page). Looks like he was right and I should have listened: http://www.sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?169863-New-Powermatic-colors