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Powermatic Planer Troubleshooting

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Hi Folks,
Quick question with maybe not so quick an answer…

I have a Powermatic 22'' Planer, 7.5HP with helical Cutterhead that I bought used and love. After spending hours fine tuning and getting to know my machine, I proceeded to put it to use. Most boards go through without a problem but what Im finding out is that the machine will run one board through smoothly(or several) while any consecutive boards will hang up in the machine. So I go back to the drawing board and adjust the feeders, pressure bar, chip breaker etc., clean the bed and proceed to run the machine again with a similar out come. I have done this several times and am now at my whits end. Basically I am at a loss as to what to do. It just doesnt seem to make since that I can run boards through the machine for a time and then suddenly have boards hang up in the machine with me pushing and pulling to get them through.

Any ideas? I would surely appreciate any insights.
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Wax the bed really good and see if that helps. I used to work with an old Powermatic 160 that could get finicky sometimes and that always helped. Sometimes I just had to crank down the springs on the in feed roller to get it to work right. Dealing with sometimes wet pressure treated wood certainly didn't help things.

Most of the planners I've owned their manual's say not to run multiple boards through although in most shops it may be common practice . I'd suggest you find a manual on line and look at the trouble shooting section .
Thank you for the replies.
Just to clarify, I am running one board at a time…the trouble starts after I've run a few boards through. i do have the owners manual and have followed their instructions. I have a dial caliper to adjust and am 98% sure everything is adjusted properly. It just seems odd that I can run a board through, then follow it up with another board, of approximate thickness, and have it jam in the machine. My business is furniture restoration and custom finishing but over the years I have acquired the tools to do more than restore the furniture but to actual build what I have always loved to restore…That being said, I have little experience running milling equipment, not saying I have no experience but all the machinery Ive ever used someone else did the maintenance, so I have no real experience with trouble shooting mechanical problems of this type. I guess I was hoping there was a simple bit of information out there that can only be acquired from years of experience. :) I will persevere though!
Thanks again.
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