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Powermatic 90

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I am brand new to woodturning and I recently purchased a Powermatic 90 off of Craigslist. The guy I bought it off of didn't know much about this lathe. I am trying to figure out how to install a Oneway chuck. I can't figure out how to get off the drive center. I'm not even sure if that is the correct name for it! I have a lot of learning to do. Any help n this subject would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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You will need to have a long dowel(12") or something like that(they are called knockout bars). The spindle shaft(what the drive spur is held in) is hollow all the way through the headstock. Put the dowel(knockout bar) in the hole on the other side and gently tap it with a mallet or hammer. The drive spur will come right out then.
Thanks so much! I thought that was the way to do it but i started that and made a few taps and nothing. So, I thought i better make sure before I break anything. I will get the parts and make a breakout bar this week :)
If it is stuck bad, you might want to put something on /around/below that live center to catch it when it finally comes lose.
I use a metal rod. I have not found wood dowels to be
adequate to the task. Sometimes the bar needs a real
solid whack with a hammer, not a mallet.
Make sure to put your hand around the center to catch it when it pops out. Otherwise the point could get smushed like mine did. Some 3/8" all thread should work for a knockout bar.
That's a great point, thanks!
That worked great ! Got it off with a 3/8" rod and a few wacks with a hammer :)
Now, my next dilemma is what do I need to mount my Oneway Stronghold chuck to the Powermatic? I assume I need an adaptor shaft of some sort? Where do I get one?

Thanks for any help on his matter.
Might check with Craft Supplies or Packard Woodworks for a threaded adapter for your chuck & lathe both sell OneWay chucks. Both vendors very helpful and have free catalogs too!
Thanks! I will check them out.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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