Powermatic - PM1300 (Rating: 5)


For years I have use a Delta AP300 3/4 HP dust collector

as my tool of choice for collecting dust. I largely bought this collector based solely on price. At times it has surprised me with its efficiency but it did little about controlling the fine dust created by the table saw and sanding operations. Plus it has a very limited capacity. With an idea towards controlling the fine dust I recently received a Powermatic 1300. The dust collector and air cleaner were received within 6 days of placing the order and arrived well packaged and there was no damage either evident or concealed.

Cost of shipping was $79.00 from CPO Powermatic This included lift gate to my residence and the driver used a pallet jack to drop the pallet in my shop.


The instructions were clear and straight forward and I experience no real problems at all with the assembly. There was some difficulty with paint on the threads of the base interfering with the bolts but it was quickly resolved. And some of the bolts could only be accessed with a wrench due to interference from the body of the dust collector. Assembly took me about 3 hours to complete and there were no parts left over!! :)
Accessories included with the unit were: a remote control that includes a timer, 3 boxes of collection bags (for a total of 15 bags) which hold 10 cubic feet of material and did not include any collection hose.


The collector is powered by a 1 3/4 HP motor and is rated at 98 percent efficient for 2 micron particles and 85 percent for 1 micron particles. The canister style, which I selected, enables the dust accumulating in the filter to be dislodged into the clear collection bags, which will result in a longer life for the canister filter.
The collector came wired for 120 volts and pulls 15 amps. The unit has performed well for all materials, plywood, mdf, and cherry, maple and pine that I have run through the table saw. Even mdf had very little dust escape and the that was only through the blade guard.

Overall I would rate this as an excellent dust collector that should go a long way towards improving the ambient air quality in my shop and controlling particles under 10 microns that are cause for health concerns.

Thanks for looking and all comments are both welcomed and appreciated.