Ridgid - R24012 1-1/2HP Compact Router (Rating: 5)

For Christmas I received this little router and finally got a chance to put it to use today. I've always had a lot of respect for the big routers and their potential for beautiful work, and great damage. I've always felt like I was wrestling a runaway chainsaw. This compact bodied router still has power to do most of the work I need, yet doesn't feel like it's going to get away from me like my full body router. I also noticed that the smaller body made it much easier to balance the router on the work piece and keep the profile consistent.

This is actually the newer model of the other two reviews already posted for Ridgid Trim Routers. They boosted the motor an additional 1/2HP on this model. Other than that, I'm not 100% certain of differences from the R2401 model. Based upon those positive reviews I chose this over the Bosch and Porter Cable routers and couldn't be more happy. Now I can leave my full-size router in the table and use this for non-mounted applications.

For $99 you get:
1 1/2HP Trim Router, Soft carry case, Clear plastic circle and square base plates, bit changing wrench, edge guide, and a 1/4" trim bit.

One of the cons listed on one review mentions the switch being on top. It is still the same on this model, and at first I found it odd but after a few runs I found I rather liked it there. Nothing made me more nervous when using the big routers than fumbling around trying to hit the power switch, while trying to keep the bit from cutting into my project (or me). This setup allows me to hold the router with one hand on the nice rubber grip, while using the other hand to pop the top of the router and it's shut off. The depth adjustment is very easy to control and a quick-release to allow you to quickly move the bit for large distances, while the fine adjustment allows you to zero in on exact depths.

Overall another great Ridgid tool in my workshop, only changes I'd like to see would be a hardshell case rather than the softshell but it's not a deal breaker. I'd recommend this to anyone who's tired of wrestling big routers around or small pieces to work on and no router table available.