Ridgid - 7.25 circular saw (Rating: 5)

This tool is heavy duty in every aspect. It cuts hardwoods like butter. I like the basic nature of the tool, no lasers etc. They often obscure the sight line by getting in the way, and I would rather clearly see myself than rely on a laser. It base plate is aluminum, but is heavy enough it doesnt flex and I'm sure it helps keep the weight down. The adjustments are straight foreward and are easily operated. The motor sounds smooth in it's wind up and use. The cord is nice and long, and made of rubber. I am a good size man and the handles and trigger switch easily fit my hands. If your looking for a saw that is basic in it's design but heavy duty, easy to use and powerful, this is your saw. I have purchased several Ridgid power tools and have found them reliable and good values for the money.