Skyd Cable Systems - Skyd Cable and Locks (Rating: 5)

Like everyone else, I've used tons of different bike locks and padlocks to protect my tools and equipment. But I recently found a really nice cable system that is specifically designed to protect contractors' tools.

It's called a Skyd Cable System. It has a 20 foot retractable cable that is housed in a diamond plate aluminum box. The box is bolted into the bed of your truck. Mine is in between the wheel-well and tailgate, and it's out of the way in that location. Overall, the cable system is a simple and common sense design. Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty (which is rare these days).

What's very cool and unique about the Skyd system are the padlocks, called Skyd Locks. I've never seen anything like them. They're difficult to describe, but they're incredibly simple (just look at the pictures). The skyd locks have no keys or combinations. They are locked by sliding them on to the cable, and then locking the cable to the box. So you can have as many locks on the cable as you like, but never need to deal with countless keys and combinations.

Anyways, I live and work in a city and things can be stolen out of the bed of my truck in a blink of an eye. I love using this cable system to lock up my stuff when I'm going in to building supply stores or a gas station. So I rate this thing a strong buy.