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Posting pictures

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Hi Guys,
Question; I have a program that I use to download pictures on from my Canon camera. I would like to know how to get pictures from either my site, to post on LJs, or downlosd pictures from the camera directly to Photobucket so that I can post them to LJs. To use two different processors on one computer seems to me that one would interfere with the other. Please, any suggestions. Downloading from my site is almost impossible.
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Greetings Jack,
It's actually a 3-4 step process….This is how I do it:... I have a Kodak w/a Kodak Easy Share program. Take the picxs, hook up a USB cord to your USB port on your computer. Then you have to make an album to download the pixs into….Then you select and transfer all the pixs..destination: album: Click each pixs you want to transfer to that folder or file. Click "Add pictures". When they are all added, hit "Done". Next, move your pixs
from your program to something like "My documents " You can make your folder say something like" Jack's
Wood Projects", or whatever…Then you drag the pixs to your folder.
To move your pixs from your documents file to Photobucket, log-in to P.B. w/ email address and password…OK? Click "Upload images and videos". Find the file in your documents, highlight, and click "open"
Download all your pixs, when finished, hit "save". Stay in P.B and re-size all your pixs to 480×640 pixels. Hit
"Replace originals" at the bottom of the page…use backspace to go back to album and then choose the next pixs to re-size…Once all are re-sized, you're done!!!!!!! Now they will be in P.B everytime you need them.
Now..just hit P.B on your post page, select the pixs you want, and post the pixs or link …...I hope this is not too confusing, but maybe you have an idea of how it works…..good luck…...I tried!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jack: One more thing: After you get the pixs out of your camera, just put them in your program that you use, and go from there…..
Picasa does the same task but also allows you to arrange your phots on your hard drive and some editing as well.
It free for the basice version too.
here's posting that Gary K did on thesubject.
Thankyou Rick, I'll try to get this in order to post some projects that go back a few years. When I did the wood shed I didn't seem to have the problem. Hopefully your instructions will get me through.
Thanks Guys, I just posted my first project for years. Worked well, no stopping me now. Bob I am just going to open Gary K's instructions now. Jackass even has a new picture, so easy when you know how. Thanks for the encouragement.
Hey Jack:

For some reason I thought we went through this by Personal e- Mail a while ago? Maybe not.

With all due respect to Gary K and his well done tutorial that I had a look at. It's out of date and PhotoBucket doesn't work like that anymore..

Also. Ricks instructions are very good! Perhaps we have a different Photo Downloader or OS. When I use the USB Cable, I can choose where to download my Pictures to as soon as I plug in the USB Cable. I choose a file I set up a long time ago in, as Rick said, "My Documents" named "My Camera Downloads". They all go directly there.

I Delete the bad ones then clean up the ones I want to use in "Windows Live" which is the Default Program that opens a Picture when I click on it. The Standard size from the camera is usually HUGE, somewhere around 1260×700 Pixels. I also have a small easy to use Photo Editor that will downsize and do everything else.

If they are heading for another existing Folder (NOT PB) you have in "My Documents" and after they are done, simply Highlight them, go to "Edit" in the Top Menu Bar. click "Edit", Choose either "Send To Folder" OR "Copy To Folder", click one of them, a small window opens, choose Folder, click "Send" (I think) they're gone, window closes.

IF ANY picture is heading for LJ's via Photobucket I go to the same PB "Download" page, and choose my "LJ Album". But then, and BEFORE Downloading to PB, you'll notice on the right side and below the "Download Pictures and Videos" space, in small print "(other options)". Click on that and it opens another window where you can NOW choose what size ALL the pictures you Have NOT YET Downloaded will be. The 640×480 is "Large" click that Radio Button, click "Save", it goes back to "Dowload Pictures and Videos" and you can now download ALL the Pictures at that size. You can also CHANGE that size any time you want to. (Sometimes I use "Medium 324×240".)

Yes. You can Resize your Photos once they are in Photobucket BUT! Only Down NOT Up.

I'm gonna see if I can do a Cut & Paste on that sizing window, hang on.

Okay I Managed to "Cut" EVERYTHING that PB had to Offer, about a Mile and a Half Long ….LOL… I Deleted it all except that Page. There are "Radio Buttons" beside all the following choices and "Cance" and "Save" are apart and centered at the bottom.


Resize my images to:

Tiny ( 100×75 )

Small ( 160×120 )

Medium ( 320×240 )

Large ( 640×480 )

15" screen ( 800×600 )

17" screen ( 1024×768 )

1 megabyte file size

2 megabyte file size

Cancel Save


That's it! I'm OUTTA Here!!!

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