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Posting pictures of projects

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1. Go to Profile page,,,2.(top of page) Yes I want to,,,(punch on),,,3. Chose Picture/s,,,,4. Upload Pictures. 5. Prieview---NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZERO after several tries just where in the h-- did I go wrong !!! ??? How do you get from the pictures that is showing that I drew up, then into the Gallery ?
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I'm not sure what page you're on. To get pictures into the gallery you have to add them as a project and they automatically go to your gallery.
While I am, sadly, unable to assist you in your quest for knowledge, it is hoped that I might provide some amusement related to your avatar while we wait.

Forehead Nose Skin Head Chin


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Sounds like you need to start at the projects page. Lower left corner is a green button that says "add a project". Not sure you can do it from your profile page.
Thanks guys !!!
I found the falt in that I have to add titles, so I added a few pictures.

(Smilley face with a thumbs up) Picklehead ya think there is a similary there, maybe ? Good eye.
Melon Cat is better looking
WOW! Did you ever figure it out! ....LOL…. 15 Projects Posted in the last 6 Hours.

ALL Pictures are also in your Gallery. (On Your Home Page) There is an option "Somewhere" that allows you to NOT have them Posted in Your Gallery if you want to do so. I THINK it's on the Project Posting Page. Probably the last Item before you actually Post Your Project.

PS: Guys. Both Pictures are Identical. Both are "Melon Cat". 8-}
Thanks Rick,
In some more that 35 years of woodworking I have LOTS more to go. Some I took on various stages of their making, (i now have that 6 picture stack figured out) and on others I never though of a camara. so one shot only I wanted to test the water here, on how I might be recieved.
You're Welcome. The TEST? You Passed! Post 'EM UP!

Tackle? You're also a Fisherman? That's a GOOD THING!

Boat Watercraft Water Font Poster


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ya hear on the fishing TV programs when his pardner catches a fish,,,That'ah good one" Well have you ever heard heard a fishing pardner say, Hey,,That'ah bad one" Now we are talking fish here.

I once snaged a snake,. It was spring as you know this time of the year, I was using a popper. Well here goes this snake sliding across the lake and easy cast from the boat, I say's looking at my pardner, Watch this I'll scare the--out of him. Now on purpose mind you, I snagged a snake !!! The boat was no where near big enougf for all three of us, So after realing it in close, and my handy fingernail clipers, I lost my poper on that bragging cast.

My wife is amazed at how fisherman can recall details on ANY trip that they ever took, but can not remember to put the seat down.
Hula Popper? Jitterbug? 2 of my Favorites.

I did the same thing about 6/7 Years ago. Got him (Snake, 2 Feet at Most) within about 3 feet of the boat. All Of A SUDDEN! FLASH!! from under the Boat. a 3/4 Foot Pike nailed that Snake like it was his last Meal. We landed them Both. Pike back in. Snake was in pieces so Overboard he went for somebodies Free Meal.

Solution to the "YOU LEFT THE SEAT UP!!"? Leave it Down and Sit Down. Yea! Yea! I know sometimes the Water is Pretty Cold, but you'll warm it up quickly. 8-}

OH! WAIT! I've got just the seat for you! Problem is (Don't tell anyone else about this) Somebodies Down There Peeking All The Time!

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