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Posting pics for projects

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I'm interested in why the " Search" for pics on my computer to upload to the site doesn't function or allow me to search and upload photos…? How do I get the site to search where I want to get pictures to load from my computer or divice? Am I doing this wrong or where is the functioning link to proceed? I've tried the "img" link in the left hand corner of the message body /format line and it does not respond to "click here" to add pictures either. Any help in this direction would be appreciated, bring new to this site is difficult at best to use the site's options…. indyj
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I've tried and have never got past #1 in your directions?!? The link will darken as if to become valid and from there NOTHING!...... It will not take me to search the net or my photo gallery. I've tried photobucket, no better…. What could be causing this error?
If you choose the 'img' button
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it should bring up the "Choose File" button
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Hitting that button should bring up some type of OS-level file management screen where you can steer to pics. PHOTOBUCKET DOES NOT WORK, don't waste your time. There's an AUG '16 work order in to remove that misleading garbage from LJs, just hasn't been done yet.

Hope this gets you further down the path.


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Easy Peasy!

Just thought I'd drop by and say HI!

Jennifer Loves this Site!

Smitty Is Correct! You just have to be able to locate the Image you want to Post!

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