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posting a video

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I want to download a video so I can post a blog. I tried putting it into photobucket but it said it was to large of a file. The video is already downloaded on the computer from the camera. How can I get it from my comp to my blog? I only have photobucket right now and don't particularly want to join another site. Suggestions?
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Don't know but I bet Todd A Clippinger would be able to help
try and find a shareware video editing tool … cut it into pieces
I notice a lot of LJs use You Tube. May they will provide more space.
well I figured it out. I found windows movie maker and was able to add a title and stuff. It gave me some options on making it different size of file so I chose one small enough for photobucket to accept. And now I can make cool titles, credits, etc. MMMUUHHHAAAAHHHHAAA!!!!! LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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