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Possibly the most amazing thing in the past few weeks

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So, I'm at work and I'm going to check my email. I load up Yahoo and am astonished by what I see, or don't see in this case. See if you can figure out what is missing.


Figure it out? No? This is the first time that Yahoo hasn't had one mention of Michael Jackson on their home page since his death. Now, I know MJ was a very influential man, up there near The Beatles, but it's been two weeks, do we really need to know what kind of father he was or how his records are selling now?

Maybe now we can finally move on.
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I have to totally agree. I am getting so sick of hearing his name. They made him out to be a god of sorts. I have other things to say of him but not here.
never heard of him .
Glad at least SOME of the HYPE is over.
Don't worry. They will fill the time and space with Obama, the president with the most TV exposure,ever.

hey at least we got $150 out of a MJ barbie doll my wife bought as a young girl in 1984. And it was even missing the glove!
Neither he, nor his antics made any difference in my life. I pity those whose existence is so shallow as to be consumed by his life and his death.
I certainly have sympathy for his family, at least some of them, but, life goes on.

Way too much media coverage (for profit as usual) like most other events. I appreciated MJ as a showman/performer just as I appreciated Sammy Davis Jr for the same reason. What disturbed me about the whole MJ affair is that it seemed to me to have been turned into a racial crusade which I thought was most offensive. I really get tired of this sort of thing as I consider everyone to be a regular human being just like me and I don't like labels that perpetuate racial diffences - "African American", "Jewish American", "Latino American" and others. Aren't we ALL just plain AMERICANS, isn't this supposed to be the melting pot? It's about time all the pieces melted! I don't recall anything like this when Sammy Davis Jr. passed.

And here you have an "English" American putting in his 2 pence!
Thank god..I couldn't stand another second of the world glorifying that pedophile.

Hey lee, I'll take 100 hours of TV coverage on Obama, as long as it means we have 0 hours of TV on George Bush, the most idiotic president ever (oh, and the most vacationed as well..great job W)

Oh, and Chris..I thought you were talking about that free Domino's pizza for a year was the most amazing thing..LOL
I'm still curious as to how he died!

Frankly, the guy was OK up until 1993 when he officially became a whacked out pedophile but you know what really pisses me off??? I couldn't do the "Moonwalk" if my life depended on it! I mean I was out in the shop the other day and noticed the floor was covered in sawdust, so I'm thinkin' "I could do the moonwalk in this!" Nope! All I did was get sawdust all over my socks!
lack of breath. Does it every time
Even CNN has no article on MJ on the front page. I thought they'd never let it go.
It is old news now until the news media throws in some more crap to create news media attention. Personally I could not care less. I couldn't tell you the name of any of his songs or movies. He was not even a woodworker!
Yep the press is ready to start focussing on the Hearings for the Supreme Court
I think that the degree of attention indicates how shallow our society has become (at least a large segment or it).
Just for giggles, I went to ebay and searched for MJ and sorted by the highest price first. There are websitse selling for $21,000,000.00
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