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possible new shop, want to improve

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Hope y'all are well. Right now my shop is in our two car garage. A move might be in our future and my shop will likely be another two car garage. Hoping for a house with no HOA but that might be tricky. I'd like to build some sort of lean-to shed outside a new 2 car garage that will house my Clearvue 1800 dust collector, my Blackbox Cyclone (for my cnc), and an upright air compressor. Would I need to have any type of barrier between the three items? I'm not sure how air flow would work if all three of them are going at the same time (which would be unlikely but should be planned for). I do not use a filter with the dust collector-just vent outside. I also just found this which I might be able to double up on to further reduce noise.

Here are some of the links that have got me thinking.

many thanks for any thoughts
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What is your climate? I can't vent my heated air outside, my system won't keep up. And my air compressor also wouldn't like the cold. If you are in a warm, dry climate,go for it. But keep the air compressor intake away from the dust.
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