Porter-Cable - PC218C-2 PORTER-CABLE 18-Volt Cordless Drill & Circular Saw Combo Kit (Rating: 4)

I've had this combo set for just over a year now. Overall they work good. The Nicad batteries aren't as long lasting as I would have hoped. When I had the chance I upgraded to Lithuim batteries. That was an improvement.
The drill has its quirks. The chuck isn't the best. Once in a while the driver or a drill bit comes loose when using it. I have learned to tighten the chuck after a few uses.
The cordless saw isn't bad, but I upgraded to a better blade (the norm). The saw isn't made to crosscut 2×4's all day long, but does great when I cut a couple of sheet goods down to a managable size.
If you are a DIY person and if you want an inexpensive tool combo this is it. But if you are out on a jobsite all day screwing deck boards or ripping sheating for a roof then perhaps you should look elsewhere. The batteries are compatible with all their 18 volt tools. Be sure to have the correct charger though. They make a charger for either nicad or lithuim, and one thats for both. So thats a plus

Inexpensive, battteries and chargers work for all PC 18 volt tools.

Probably not professional quality, but great for the DYI'er