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This is the first piece that I would like to build for a complete remodel of our front porch. My wife suggested we add a ramp because our parents are getting older so it could be a nice addition for helping them get in/out of our home. We don't have a lot of steps, but it can still be a pain, especially if using a wheelchair.

The current wood is in very bad shape. The way the posts made, they are very hard to get painted, any water that gets in can wick right up the center of the posts. (I don't have pics yet . . . but the carnage is pretty bad.) Part of the destruction is just the lack of time I had in the past. I'd like to move to a more low maintenance type structure with treated wood versus painted surfaces.

My wife and I have decided we'll start from the left side of the house and work our way across the front. I'll have more pics and info soon. Does anyone have one of those fancy carver things to do a sign like above? Hmm.
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