Popular Woodworking - The 10 Commandments Of Finishing (Rating: 3)

I purchased the download version of this book and saved a few bucks using my discount code from The Wood Whisperer site. It is also available as a DVD.
The download is in the .mp4 format and will play using Quick Time. The purchase, download and viewing with Quick Time was effortless. The download is 3 separate 30-minute videos at 160 MB each. If your download connection is slow, be aware that it may take some time. Once playing, the video quality on full screen lacks in clarity a bit but watching at smaller size does not diminish the information.
The information in the videos was novice woodworker to beginner in content. When I look back to reading Flexner's book on finishing when I was a newbie, I learned more. As a newbie, seeing some video examples of that same information would have eased my learning curve. Seeing an actual example of rubbing out a finish when I was new to finishing would is one example.
As a more advanced woodworker, I did not pick up much from this video series. I do not want to trash this video as I can see it being a help for the new woodworker.
So, if you know someone who is just starting out, get them a copy of Flexner's book and put this inside. It will be appreciated by that fledgling woodworker.