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Pony Clamp Assembly

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I bought some new pony pipe clamps and inside the package,along with the clamp is a small coil. It looks like it would go on the pipe but it does not mention it on the package and I can't figure out where it belongs. I put the clamps together without it and some ot the clamps don't hold well. I also noticed the metal of the pipes seems softer than the older pipe clamps I have. I purchased both the pipe and clamp at Home Depot,

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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aha, that coils is used to protect the thread at the other end of the black pipe.

So if you need to extend your pipe clamp you just get a 3/4" black steel nipple and thread the extension pipe onto the first one. First removing the Thread protector and the slider of course.

Hope this helps….
it is a thread cover for a double theaded pipe ,
to keep the slider from coming of ,
and to protect the threads on that end .
you want to use black iron pipe ,
as it is harder than galvinized pipe ,
the galv. gets peeled off ,
and makes it hard to slide the foot .
if you get some threaded couplers , you can put your pipes toghether and make
clamps as long as you got pipe for .
just hand tight is good .
Very helpful, indeed! I was trying to figure out if it was suppose to go inside the clamp assembly where the spring is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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