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Plywood Span help for seating bench

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I am planing on making the attached storage seating bench this weekend but am unsure if it will work or not. I am concerned with the vertical spacing that I have. With people sitting on the bench I am not sure if it will sag or not. I am planing on using 3/4" plywood for the top and bottom of the bench and using 2×4 to build a frame to hold them. The vertical slats would also be made of 3/4 plywood. I just don't think that will be enough to support the weight of people sitting. Any ideas how to achieve such long spans between the vertical slats (44.5") I plan to put a face frame on it using 1×2's.
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Hammester, we're gonna need a better image, at 300% I can't even make out the specs
Sorry about that didn't realize how small it was. I uploaded it to photobucket so hopefully that makes it more readable.
A 2×4 set vertically over a 44" span should be fine. A 2×4 laid flat will sag a little. The 3/4" plywood will help to add some structure.
Like Pinto said. Make the frame under the top from 2×4s on edge and it won't sag.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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