Harbor Freight - 93431 5" Random Orbital Palm Sander (Rating: 4)

I have to admit, I am a sucker for a good random orbit sander. We all started off many years ago with the square ones that always left swirl marks, and then one day there it was, the round, 5" random orbit sander. My first was a Porter-Cable with the stick-um pad, which soon got a hook and loop system and served me well until the wheel would just start spinning out of control as soon as you lifted it off the wood. They had come down so much in price I bought another, this time variable speed which I never used.
Then I found a Black and Decker on sale, the red one, which in my mind has too big an orbit and is good as long as you want to hog off a lot of wood. I only use it with 80 and 120 grit, then it gets put away.

Then one day in Harbor Freight, I see the 93431 for sale, $22 bucks. I just could not resist.
Lightweight, good hook and loop system, good off-on switch, nice thick pad, fairly efficient dust collection system, long cord, easy to hold, wheel doesn't hardly spin at all when off the wood. No tendency to walk.
Motor stunk up a little the first two-three minutes, the cloth bag comes off (very rarely), dust collection system is relegated to the bag with a funny, oval hole, no way to hook on a small vac hose.

I don't know who makes this, (Emerson?), but this thing hangs in with every other one I own, which is two P-C's and a B&D, which I use the least.

I've probably got about ten hours of sanding on it now, and it performs well every time. If you ae in the market for a random orbit sander, and don't have a central dust collection system, I'd recommend you go buy one for the lousy $22 bucks, they are still on sale as far as I know.