DeWalt - DW735 Heavy-Duty 13" Three Knife, Two Speed Thickness Planer (Rating: 5)

This planer is awesome. It is pricey, but I personally feel you get good value for it.

I have seen it for $599 - $699. I paid $599. So shop around.

This sucker is a beast. I mean heavy. For my shop it sits on a rolling cart that is much larger than the planer. I saw recently a guy who built a portable stand for his and it was no much wider than the planer itself. I cringed at the thought of it catching on a wood chip and falling over. I assure you once it starts falling there is no catching it. I would definitely suggest the base of the cart or stand be wider than the top for stability. It is just too expensive to risk.

On the note of weight, it has two handles on the top that actually make it portable not factoring the weight. Handles are solid and placed well to make the most of their benefit.

This planer does a great job at both speeds. Be sure that you read the manual for changing speed. You do it while it is running. Even at the faster speed it planes very smooth. Also, you need to ensure the sector switch is either set far right or far left. I damn near dismantled this thing to the last bolt because it would not feed. Only to realize the selector switch had been bumped just slightly out of the 1 position. I was both relieved it was nothing and damn near went insane trying to figure out the issue.

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Be sure your wiring is adequate as this thing pulls a lot of power. You can easily overload your circuit.

Other strong traits….

Exhaust blower - This is great. I have a 2hp dust collector. Between the two I never have chips on the floor. Planer chips can be the most difficult to collect and with the blower there is never an issue.
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Preset thickness gauge - This works well and is fairly accurate. As does the manual thickness gauge. I will say this though. The marker and ruler you use for the manual setting are not exact. When you consider you may be taking a 1/32 or 1/16 the lines on the ruler and the point on the selector could be off by that much.

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Now for the biggy…Snipe.

Now the review I link to is really great. Lots of information. The reviewer indicates he had one instance of snipe and takes the blame for it happening. I have never experienced snipe. But as the reviewer indicates it is possible. But my experience has been is is very rare if you are careful.

The key is that the planer has a powered in feed and out feed roller. This handles long stock both going in and going out. I have planed a lot of long board through mine but never had snipe. I also do not believe there is a need for these (especially for about $69.99 a set):
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For more information This website give a decent amount of information.

Overall this tool has been fabulous and while more expensive you go get what you pay for. Well worth the money.