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planer snipe

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I have the Dewalt 12.5 in planer. Any suggestions on eliminating snipe?
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Here's a recent forum regarding snipe. It may be helpful
In most cases, you can stop it by slightly elevating the piece as it comes out of the planer. It's when it drops that causes most snipe.
I have a porter cable, haven't found a way to stop it when i put the piece in but lifting the piece up as it comes works and i don't have basically any that i can see on the back end.
+1 to what Monte said, I too have a 12.5" DeWalt planer and holding the board so it's a little off the edge of the infeed table as the first drive roller engages seems to help. Slowly let the board down after the second drive roller engages and do the same on the exit, just in reverse. Not taking too heavy a cut helps as well.
I used the" lifting as it enters and leaves the planer" to convince me that I had to adjust the in feed and out feed tables to do this for me. I no longer get snipe.
What Jim Finn said….........I get zero snipe with my Dewalt.

Another +1 to what Jim said. Get the tables aligned well, and it shouldn't be a problem (I have the DW734). On longer pieces (I just finished a bed that had 2 7"x75" long pieces of 4/4 cherry) you'll still want to not only support the piece as it goes in, but lift up slightly to avoid all that weight on the end of the infeed and outfeed tables. No snipe.
Thanks guys. Will try your suggestions and post what I find that works for me.
+1 more to what jim said.
I have the same dewalt planer and get no snipe. It's a great planer. :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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