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planer problem

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hi all
i'm running a 18" woodmaster planer and getting chatter marks occasionally but not allways
i've put in new blades and tried different feed speeds
it's not bad but sometimes the boards come out smooth as glass and other times a little wavy
doesn't do it with moulding heads or drum sander
any ideas
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Sounds like one of your blades may be ground incorrectly or not seated properly.
I was going to suggest you adjust your pressure roller until youmentioned that it seems O.K. with the other attachments.

Another idea is it may be possible that the stock is sticking to the table as it passes through the planner. I was having this problem with my Dewalt 13" planer. The wood would chatter and sometimes stop and then start moving again. I used car wax and waxed the table all the way through the planer and now it runs very smooth.
thanks guys

bob, i'm gonna check the feed rollers adjustment now, they are worn a bit

wayne, that makes sense exept i've got a slick board (hard plastic stuff) on the bed
i'd recommend it to anyone, you only lose 1/2" of thickness
now i only wax my jointers and table saw
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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