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planer motor burned out

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I have a 13" Ridgid planer with a burned out motor. Does anyone know of a place that sells armatures and field assemblies at a reasonable price? thanks
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My guess is it's cheaper to buy a new planer given our throw away society.
Part it out on ebay and buy something else.

There was a time when it was worth it to rebuild routers
and other tools with universal motors… but I'm not sure
it's worth it these days.

That said, most of those portable planers share
considerable factory DNA and parts from other
planers (Ryobi perhaps) may work.
Hi, sorry to hear about your planer.
I have used a dewalt like you have, it has a "universal motor", which spins at a mind-boggling speed, like 15,000-25,000 rpm. That means a small problem can become a catastrophe in a microsecond.
Still, are you sure isn't just the brushes worn out or damaged?
If they wiggle at all in their holders, replace them.
Brushes are cheap, just be sure you get all the carbon fragments from them out or you could cause a short.
I would use a qtip and water, GENTLY clean and polish the commutator with crocus cloth, being careful not to scratch the wire connections at the lower end of the commutator.
Wait, on second thought don't use the crocus cloth. If you get copper dust between the contacts of the commutator, it could cause a short or worse!

I bought parts once from M&M tools and machinery, service was good and I got good, honest communication.
It is a brick & mortar store in Salt Lake City that has been there for many years, I understand to have a good rep.
I have no connection with them and am sure there are lots of other great places to buy the part you need.
This link will get you most of the way to an online parts description and diagram.

There is a competitor a few miles away I have never gone back to because they weren't very helpful when I contacted them once. Just my one time experience, maybe others have had good service from them.
Google advertises for them so they get plastered all over the internet once you search for "replacement parts" for your dewalt. There name is very similarly worded to what I have above in quotes…

And of course there is the dewalt factory site:

Hope this helps.
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I'm not talented enough to attempt to rebuild the motor so I would take mine to a Ridgid service center and get an estimate to fix it!
Easier yet, take your motor to the nearest electric motor repair shop…. Look it up in the yellow pages.

I have had 100lb diesel engine starters rebuilt for under $100.

Let them look at it and tell you what you need.

they might say a new motor, or a set of brushes, but for a $20 diagnostic how can you lose?
Dallas- I'm not sure I could even get the motor out of mine! I'm still trying to figure out how to get at the feed rollers to clean em!
Not sure if this applies in the OP's case, but this is something that would normally be covered by the Lifetime Service Agreement, if you're the original owner and you registered the product with Ridgid.
Thanks for all the replies I appreciate them. Since I posted this message my wife, bless her, found my sales receipt for all my Ridgid power tools bought in 2003. I contacted Ridgid and they say it's ok to take my planer to the nearest repair facility with the receipt. Sure feel better now that I don't have to worry about it. Thanks again everybody. Lane 1949
Lane- Hope the repair center solves your problem but keep us posted as a lot of us own this planer. I'll keep this thread on my watchlist for any updates you provide.
Sure thing gfadvm; however it may take a while. The first repair place about 26 miles away refuses to work on the ridgid planer. The second place about 33 miles away, the guy is going on vacation for about a month, he said maybe I can rent one till he comes back. Who can figure? I will though let the thread know the outcome.

I'll be back,
i've had good luck with

I don't suppose you registered it when you bought it, assuming you bought it new, I think all ridgid are guaranteed for life.
assuming you bought it new, I think all ridgid are guaranteed for life.

sorry, but i beleive that's incorrect. the older gray colored ridgid power tools carry a lifetime guaranty against manufacturing defects. i have a TS, OSS and a jointer that have that statement printed in each of their owners manuals. as for tools purchased after the manufacturing moved form emerson electric to TTI in 2003, here is their tool coverage policy statement:

lane1949........are you aware that HDs with tool rental departments are now servicing the ridgid new tool guaranty and LSA? i beleive it just means they handle shipping it out for repair, but it would be better than your having to search out an authorized repair facility.
here is the paper work with my ridgid drill I bough about a month ago

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right. if you register the tool, as the first owner of that new tool, with ridgid's lifetime service agreement, it will be repaired for free for life, notwithstanding the limitations set forth in the LSA ( the LSA is NOT a guaranty of performance. it is an agreement to repair the item per the terms of the agreement). no LSA registration, no LSA coverage meaning that, after 3 years when the new tool guaranty expires, you'd have no coverage or recourse at all. did you register your drill with the LSA?
I did register.
It's been a while since I last posted here about my Ridgid planer. Finally after the repairman's vacation, the correspondence between Ridgid and the repairman, shipping the motor to the repairman, and the actual repair, I got the planer home Wednesday night. I haven't got it back on the table stand yet, but probably this weekend. The good thing is I didn't have to pay for the repair, I guess Ridgid's warrenty is for real.
Glad it worked out for you, thanks for the follow up.
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