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planer entertainment

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well after 14 years of running my planer, i have done a stupid thing, but thought it would entertain some today…..have you guessed what it is…...ive never done this before, but after seeing my boards go in and then veer to the right and act like i had dull blades… dawned on me that something was amiss…..have ya got it…...YEP….planer blades put in backwards…...its been this way for about 2 weeks…i haven't been planing much at no big harm…so took the blades out and will have them re sharpened and ..this time put them in right…...ive noticed that although I'm 52 now…sometimes i feel like I'm slipping a gear…...maybe i need more naps…...maybe i need a assistant in the shop…...maybe i should take up more reading…like the guide to install planner blades…..well i thought it was quite amussing….maybe you will get a chuckle from my blunder…..
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hey - at least you didn't have the planer backwards ;) good catch!
I'm surprised it even made chips
Ok, so you invented the "Motorized Scraper" how was the finish, or the wood was too rough to be scraped. hahaha Don't worry it happens to the best of us we just have to be patient with ourself hehehe
If the blades are in backwards, can you just feed the wood from the front ;-)
We all get "old" some days…then we get smart!
Thanks for the chuckle…I'm sure I will do something like that … I just won't have the guts to post it!
Dont feel bad…these goofy things happen to all of us…even at a young age. About 25 years ago I was finishing off the basement of our new house and I was drilling holes through the floor joists with a 3/4 spade bit for electrical cable. I took a break and had lunch. When I resumed, the drill bit just wouldnt go through the wood anymore. I filed the bit, no help. I dropped everything and went to the hardware store and bought a new one. Still didnt work well. Then I noticed that my little son (5 yrs old) had pushed the reverse button on the drill when I was out of the room. Talk about feeling stupid. :) good friend went to his property to clean up some spruce kill…he had problems with his chainsaw…guess what…....yes…the chain was on backwards… i better run this as a disclaimer as well….if you read this and put a blade on backwards…or a chain on a saw backwards…...i am not responsible……..
little bit like grizzman's chainsaw story, my dad's friend had just gotten a new chainsaw and was all exited so we went out to cut some firewood. well, after about 3/4 of an hour later, after reading the manual through, oiling the bar and desperately trying to get the saw to cut, he realised the chain had been put on backwards….
As my tagline says….

Put in half of 400 sq of floor Merorial Day weekend, Koa wood long wide planks, measured one side of the floor registar right. Went the length came back measured the other side made the cut…yep left side cut for the right side I already cut.

Lost 3 inches fiixing that. Out of the total of 200 sq ft so far I ain't doing to bad.

The rest of the room has more cutouts so we shall see.

Are brains often take naps when we are moving. Or shop gremlins switch things around on us.
I recently removed my mower deck from the tractor to sharpen the blades, yeah I put them on backwards, but my son-in-law noticed before I had a chance to try it. Age related for sure, I did a grilled cheese and ham sandwich for my wife yesterday and forgot the cheese. It happens. Jackass fits here.
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Mike talking about shop gremlins made me think of the gremlin on Looney Toons.

"You've got to hit these block buster bombs juuuuuuust right…"
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Hey Giizz make sure you write a poem about planners.
Hey lets watch the talk about 52 being old. Your not old, just seasoned like a piece of walnut, your better than before.
I got you all topped. I was a 19 y/o draftee in Germany. A Radio Teletype Operator. Supposed to have something on the ball, I had a secret clearance. We had a General Inspection coming so I was told to re-stencil the Armored Personnel Carrier my radios were in, since I was the official Com. Chief of the APC. So I did my Army duty and re-stenciled the damned thing. The next day the motor Sargent came and got me and took me out to my APC and asked me, "do you see anything wrong there son", I sheepishly said yes Pappy, our affectionate name for him, I had Stenciled US AMY over the whole APC, both sides, front and back. I redid the stencilling before the IG inspection the following day, thank the Lord. I was only 19 at the time. So don't feel bad Griz yes, the hash was very good in Germany.
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