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Plane uses for #1 through #3 & # 6

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Obviously, the #7 and #8 jointers are for jointing. Lie Nielsen's page mentions the #5 as a Jack to take care of the rough, gnarly surface and prepare for the #4 smoother.

That leaves the #1, #2, #3 & #6. What is the proper use for these other bench planes?
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Hi Bob.. after 30 seconds googling… I found this site…
I do hope this explains things for you…
Good show ol' chap!! I should have thought to put in "Stanley." I got a bunch of junk about airplanes :-(( Not that I have anything against airplanes, they just don't work well in wood unless you are trying to knock down forests quickly, then it is a one shot deal .
Here's a little better page of what I was looking for when I added stanley to find the #2 that isn't in teh first listing.
Airplanes. Do those float over the wood like a hovercraft Bob? Probably less tiring to use, LOL.
Here's a good description of bench planes from Chris Schwartz
Thanks guys, been doing a little traveling the last few days,
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