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Plane Lapping

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What do you use to lap your plane beds? I've been messing around with spray adhesive, wet dry sand paper, and a long piece of melamine as a backer, and I get decent results.
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Very similar to you, Teem, I use sandpaper with spray adhesive on a 1/4 inch sheet of plate glass with several grits attached.
Konrad Sauer from Sauer and Steiner practices a VERY accurate and interesting method.
He first uses a marble slab with a paper he found to be the best after trying a bunch of other papers, it's from NORTON intended for the Body-Auto shop industry: Champagne A285
He recently added a STARRET Machinist granite reference surface for the final stages.

For detailed information visit his blog at
Same as Scott
i use a marble slab that was a cut off from a counter top we installed, i also use spray adhesive with norton sandpaper. works great for me.
It all works as long as you have a very flat surface and some good sandpaper. I have used glass and aluminum plate
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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