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Places to buy wood between Montreal (Quebec) and Ottawa (Ontario) in Canada

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I could not figure which forum where this questions should go. I said "no" last weekend to an expedition over to Lee Valley Tools in Ottawa (someone wants me to pick out a birthday present)... because I have not had a chance to find places to buy wood nearby or in between. I'd like to optimize the driving experience.

I will probably take the 50 from Mirabel - go through Hawkesbury - then onto Ottawa.

Anybody know good places? Places that have cool wood. Places that have both cool wood and tools….

If you know any good place other than Langevin et Forest on the island of Montreal I would also love to hear it.

My car can carry a few 8 foot planks before it causes problems driving, but I can also hitch up a trailer if you tell me it's a good idea (based on your opinion of the places).
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Try KJP select hardwoods ( ). Hitch up your trailer.

Marc in Aylmer, Qc
Thanks! Nice website too.
It's too bad you couldn't head down to N. Carolina this week end.
Man, what an auction they are having there!

Can you imagine cherry 6/4 going at 75 cents board foot?

Bob Arrrrrrrgh so far away!
Hey there, try I have never went there myself but it looks like they have good product, they are located in Ontario.
Exotic-woods is in Burlington - southwest of Toronto. Way too far for my day trip.

6/4 cherry at 75 cents… makes you weep. Up here, the closest guy to me sells that at above $6 a board foot for select grade. If I would commit to 300 board feet, I can get it for maybe $4. Maybe.
I figured I should update this one. I finally made it out to KJP Select Hardwoods last weekend. I was a little taken aback at the entrance (looked closed - just a warehouse in a block of warehouses) but they have some really nice wood inside and the people working there are very nice (family) and every customer in there was literally having a good time. Great experience.

When I can dig the trailer out of the snow… I will hitch it up and get a bigger amount of wood!
Great suggestion. I have to head down to Langevin & Forest each time. If I make it down to Ottawa, I'll swing by there.
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