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Please feel free to post any pipe related questions, information, resources here. I will be adding more info on here soon!!


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I planted my tobacco a few weeks ago and they are slowly and surely coming up… I hope to harvest enough of it to last me another year for personal use. The most problematic thing about growing your own generic tobacco are two issues: 1- Aphids and 2- Green worms. Tobacco loves well drained soil and frequent watering; in fact they grow better in between large rocks, very much like strawberries that thrive in hot weather with their roots remaining wet while their tops dissipate the moisture from the root. Tobacco is also a very heavy feeder; it requires healthy compost above the roots and frequent supply of fertilizer to keep it healthy. I can go on about growing your organic tobacco which as I see it is no more dangerous as living in an apartment with the windows closed most of the time. It is all the chemicals a farmer has to use to harvest a profitable crop of tobacco and all the chemicals a tobacco company uses to make it addicting, to make it self-igniting and flavored that makes this product absolutely dangerous. I remember the tobacco executives in front of congress exclaiming that "tobacco is not addicting." Damn lawyers, very true… By itself, in its natural form it is not… Not even one congressman asked, "do you alter the tobacco you produce to make it addicting?" The answer would have been YES!
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MrJ. Thanks for the grow tips! Have never grown tobacco before, but will plan on it next season! Do you have trouble with deer where you grow? Too many ladybugs here for aphids to really thrive, luckily.

Jordan, thanks for starting this forum…I'm amazed at how addictive the craft of pipe making is! Something added to the briar perhaps? :)

And ya'll should really see this last pipe from Jordan in person…just sayin…

love it.
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terryR, there seem to never be enough ladybugs to do the aphid's-in. One prevention plan is to grow dill along the rows as the wasps that feed on dill bugs, also like to feed on tobacco bugs. Another prevention plan is to use Epson salt. this is an excellent fertilizer and insect prevention product. Eventually, you will have to use pressured water to knock them off faster than they can climb right back up the plant. Sometimes soap water deter them for a bit longer. If you have the space, it is best to rotate your crop, although I have never had any meaningful success doing so. It all comes to due diligent of inspecting your crop every other day or so and if you have to, use your hands to rub/crush the aphids on the leaves and wash them out. I like to think that if I leave the massacred ones on the leaves for a day or so, maybe the other aphids will take heed and go elsewhere… ha. Wasp love the green worms that can totally decimate the plants in just a few days. Again, nothing like a keen eye that spot them and squish their head one-by-one as there are not enough wasps to do the job; and that is the nature of things, to create a balance; not to eliminate. I think tobacco is one of the most favored plants among the bugs besides eggplants.
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Jordan you've come a long way fast with the pipes. That swap pipe is smokin'.
Thanks again, MrJinx. All info is greatly appreciated! I'm a farmer with 2 green thumbs, so have experience in my favor. +1 on the soapy water trick for pesticides. Out here, we drink the water from the nearest cave resurgence, and respect the fact that someone lives downstream from us, so no chemicals go into the ground

I stumbled across this forum just now…

It's a secret, but I just found out this AM that my own MOTHER is growing tobacco! And she doesn't smoke, she's a hard core prepper. LOL. Truth be told, this Police State we live in has caused a few smart people to act in ways I would NOT have predicted before…no politics…

So, is Pipe Porn allowed here?

see url for credit…wanna try this next. :)
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Jordan, noticed your flex shaft tool on your project page…

if it will hold 1/4" shanks, I highly recommend these Kutzall type burrs…different grits. I use 'em in my Foredom flex shaft…nice!

the red is pretty aggressive…
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terryR, If you choose not to smoke it, it is the best pesticide for the garden. Just mix your tobacco with something sticky like mountain dew or sugar water and spray it on your plants and rinse in a day or two. I used my tobacco butts which has the highest concentration of nicotine to do this by making a "tea" out of it. Rice/hemp paper ensures organic products all the way around.
Thanks, MrJinx, never heard of that home remedy…love it! Way too late for this season…

...unless I can grow indoors? Have tons of hydro equipment anyway…time for research!

Edit: Can anyone recommend a flavor of pipe tobacco that isn't too sweet…kinda spicy? WOW, there's so many blends of seeds for sale it's overwhelming!
You can mix a little bit of passion flower leaf or hops to it to balance the taste. Some folks grow them indoors. They grow pretty fast.
The bits I use are has steel and leave an almost polished finish.
I don't think it can use 1/4" bit though..
Oh, very cool. The red kutzall certainly doesn't leave a polished finish…ugly and jagged.

I think I have the same steel cutter in your photo that fits my dremel…will give it a try! Dying to try that textured finish you just made in a scrap piece of briar.
Anyone drilling and using acrylic for pipe stems? So far, every one I touch cracks. :(

I spent an hour gently shaping this tenon, then sanding the chips out of it to 400 grit. Should've drilled the air hole first, I guess? And drilled slower?

Wood Bicycle part Trigger Gas Revolver

...bought some more pre-formed ebonite stems off fleaBay last night…


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Thanks, buddy, will be busy reading for a while!
Ah, found a supplier of Acryl-Point drill bits, and bought a few…will review…

...and several articles that recommend bacon fat as lube. Now, where's a pig farmer gonna get bacon fat? LOL!
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Drill extremely slow 1/16th at a time with pauses in between..
And drill air hole first more mass = more strength.

Acrylic doesn't need much heat to effect it's structure stability.
Thanks, Jordan. All tips on acrylic appreciated!

New drill bits arrived already…friggin' awesome. I used WD-40 for lube, and drilled at least 4" into acrylic without problems. 500rpm. Little bits at a time. Lots of lube.

Bent apple pipe in progress; drilled on lathe without problems. Camera battery died after all the boring shots…

Saw Handheld power drill Drill Tool Wood


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They sure are boring shots? Get it. Ok I'm gone.
Pipe No.7 completed…jeez…gotta start numbering them soon! :)

Musical instrument Guitar accessory Wood String instrument accessory Musical instrument accessory

My first bent pipe, now I'm ready to copy this one in briar!

This guy is made from Apple and an acrylic pen blank. I was hoping for an 'apple' shape, but ended up with a combination between an egg and brandy. LOL. Some genius re-sawed 1/4" off the starting blank since I thought it was too wide, and didn't want to waste it. Doh!

Damn, this is addictive…


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