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Pictures not showing.

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Hi everyone,
For the last few weeks (don't remember exactly how long), most pictures on these forums have not been showing. The only clues that there should be pix are statements like, "Here's a pic of ….. ", "This is the ….. ", and "Here is ….. " (fill in the banks with whatever is relevant to the topic at hand).
Such is the case this thread: The thought of sanding louvers made me shutter!

I suspect it is pix hosted on Amazon AWS. Some pix do show. I have tried a few things, but nada. It must be an issue on my PC, because no one else here said anything, and I'm also having similar issues on other sites, especially Wikipedia.

Has anyone having like issues? What is the solution?

My browser: Firefox 49.0.2

OS: Windows XP SP3.

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Found this on another forum. I don't use Firefox so can't check it myself.

" I went to the Tools bar at the top of the browser, clicked on Options, then under the Content tab it is checked to Load Images Automatically. Next to this option there is an Exceptions button. When I clicked on that, Amazon was listed in my exceptions. I removed that site and refreshed the page. Back to normal!"

If that doesn't work I would try a different browser to see if that helps. If not then there are a lot of other reasons a particular site might be blocked.
Sorry but windows XP may be the problem but I used to love xp but drivers are so old.
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