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Picture frame clips

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So I've made a few picture frames recently, some already posted in projects and one more that should go up soon. I have the glass cut, the picture ready, the backing and some thin, pointed pieces of metal used to hold the backing in. When you look at the back of a picture, the metal that you bend down against the backing to hold it in. I'm working with Bodark (Osage Orange) and curly red oak, I tried to press them in and can't get them to go without bending. I tried to use a 1/4" chisel to make a slight groove to get it started and that didn't help. Is there a technique for getting these in that I'm missing? They are pretty sturdy little clips, it takes a decent amount of pressure before they bend and once they are bent I can't squish them any further with my hands.

Help would be appreciated…I hate getting stuck right at the end!
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What you are looking for is called a point driver. Here is one that I use which I bought at Rockler. The points are designed to be flexible in order to remove the picture/artwork down the road.
Scott, that's what I'm looking for I guess…now off to try and make my own so I can save the $100!
Here are some other options you might want to consider. I have never used any of the manual point tools but they should work.
As someone who sidelines as an amateur woodworking photographer. I have made many frames.
I find the easiest and cheapest way to secure a picture is to use window points (also called glazing points).

Pretty much any local hardware store carrys them, I think roughly $2 for a pack of 100.

My technique is to put a glazing point flat on the backing and use a slightly flexible putty knife and just rock it side to side while applying forward pressure. The point just works its way into the wood. I dont seem to have much of a problem getting them in, although having said that I also haven't tried it on the woods your using. I have noticed that the more dense the wood the harder it is to get a point in there, but I am able to push it into Oak without many issues.

Honestly, for the price, its worth the attempt.
Jeff I had tried the same thing with points (just didn't know what they were called until now), but have them bend over.
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