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PIA twist on a bowl

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after I made this bowl and was near finished I decided to see if I could get a couple exterior rings in it using a different colored resin.
Well, I did and most likely won't do it again
here's the inside of the bowl
Stairs Wood Varnish Circle Hardwood

and here's the outside with the 2 green resin rings

Table Wood Flooring Pottery Floor

it's kida cute but a real PIA


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Hi Dick…you have to try it to make the decision for next time. I have scrapped out a lot of project because they didn't work out but you know not to go that route next time or sometimes you find a way to save the project.

cheers, Jim
I like the multicolored rings inside & out, make this a unique & interesting feature on the bowl. Too bad it's a pain to apply.
Dick, The correct term is a unique piece of art which IMHO has been crafted by a very clever artisan.
Very cool. How did you do the resin rings?

Well it still looks sweet Dick. Maybe a pita but maybe you can figure an easier way next time.
Good looking bowl, Dick. If it's a one-off because it was a pain to make, that's another reason to appreciate it.
super job.
I believe there always is a "better" way. I've found a few of them, still looking for many others.

Best thing is you proved it possible and seems to be worth doing! 8^)

Of course I'm with Jim in deciding their are times to move on, plenty of other things to test our patients.
Thanks all - the end result was ok but getting there was not a lot of fun. Probably won't do it again but stuff happens
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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