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Soft Box 2

I forgot to post a diagram of my wiring….(Thanks to Lumberjocks for helping me with this!)

Plant Gesture Font Happy Circle

Today I'm going to work on the actual Softbox skin. I think this will be the most challenging part. I have a pretty good start already….

For the skeleton, I found some carbon fiber poles at a Big Box Store. It was an 8' section of it with a flag on one end (I think used for putting on the back of a Snow Mobile). I cut the poles into 2 4' pieces. I then mocked up what my "tent" will look like….

Rectangle Parallel Font Symmetry Pattern

Wood Handwriting Road surface Flooring Parallel

Triangle Art Rectangle Font Pattern

With 4' poles, I created an arc with roughly a 15.5" radius. I then spread these to be 2' feet apart at the ends. This will give me roughly a 24"x30" SoftBox.

I then created the same thing in Google Sketchup so I could create some sewing patterns….

Rectangle Tints and shades Drawing Font Fashion accessory

...After that, I used my Flattening Extension, to create patterns…

Headgear Rectangle Sleeve Tints and shades Arch

Font Parallel Circle Symmetry Pattern

...Then I added my 1/2" seem allowance for sewing it up…

Parallel Font Symmetry Pattern Drawing

For the skin I'm using black fabric that graduation gowns are made out of. I will sew reflective fabric on the inside of it - for that I will be dismantling a Car Windshield Reflector….

Thats all for now…..more to come soon! Any questions, let me know!
The wiring looks right. Now just add s switch and you're ready to go, Doug.

Happy new year!!...........Jim


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