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Peruvian Walnut

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Any experience with this lumber?

Was at the wholesaler yesterday and he mentioned that they have some rough 4/4 in stock right now.

Looks like it could be fun, very lightweight- similar to mahogany, but very dark in color.

Will plane a piece tonight or tomorrow to see what it does, I bought 68 board feet to try it out.
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Although I haven't used any Peruvian Walnut (or Tropical Walnut), I'm a big fan of Walnut in general, and I'd probably like the Peruvian Walnut even more since it's a darker brown.

Since you bought 68-BF of it, I'm assuming you've got a project or two in mind for it? I'll be curious to see the results, and hear your thoughts on the wood once you begin working it.
Hey Jonathan, thanks for your input, I am looking forward to working with it, hopefully get some time tomorrow.

Walnut has always been a favorite of mine as well.

I picked out a few boards that looked good (8-10" wide and some 7"), but until I see how it machines, I don't really have a plan for it yet.
I'm guilty of doing the same thing. I buy wood that I like the look of, but don't yet have a project picked out for it. Now I need to start using up some of my stock! My lumber rack has been overflowing for a while now, and piling it on the floor is getting old, not to mention, in the way.

I'm sure inspiration will find you after the planer and jointer find the walnut!
I have used it in the past and really liked it. I have made boxes with it and used it as trim in our small bathroom with some Oak. It is soft and the dust is messy. It can have voids?? what ever you call it when the cells of the wood have really open areas. Like cardboard from the side if that makes sense. It is darker than most US Walnut I have seen and the pores are more open. It machines easily and took a finish well. Not sure why I quit buying it. I think my wood supplier in Reno was not getting good quality for a while and I stopped. Just like Lcewood now. Poor quality and high price. Enjoy it!

What you have is Juglans neotropica which is the South American version of American Walnut, Juglans *************************. The only difference you will find is the almost total lackof sapwood. Neotropica, because of growing conditions, converts sapwood to heart at a much higher rate than American walnut. Machining properties, glueing, finishing, etc. are nearly identical. I believe, once again because of the difference in growing conditions, that the neotropica will have a little straighter grain. How much per bd/ft was it? The stuff I've seen is around $12-$13 bd/ft. Enjoy.

Thanks for the info, guys! Will let you know what it looks like a little later today.

Steve, I was surprised to see this import priced very similar to American Walnut. And I did notice the lack of sapwood (which I personally like to feature a bit in some projects for variety) and the color looks to be quite dark, although this is rough material.

I paid $5.10 per board foot.

I have to correct my previous error, in checking the board foot price on the invoice I see that I bought 56 board feet, not 68. Not sure where that number came from…
Just planed a short piece, I really like this lumber and would highly recommend it!

Compared a couple short pieces of American with the rough Peruvian

The shavings are very soft, it planes like a dream!

Application of Fiddes Hardwax Oil to see what the finish would look like.

End grain darkens to almost black w Hardwax Oil, I am thinking this would make an amazing contrast when dovetailed.
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I've used it and I find it "fuzzy" after sanding.
It is lighter than American walnut… I'm not a fan, however.

Out of curiosity, what don't you like about it?
Randy, $5.10 a bd/ft!!?? It's not available around here, but to order would cost over $12 plus shipping making landed cost around $15+. I can get American walnut for $3.50 or less. Maybe if you met me halfway with a load---

Nice loking wood. Does walnut dust bother you?

I just used it for the first time. Made 20 boxes out of it for center pieces at a customers wedding.
It was very nice to work with. It has a lot more consistant coloring then black walnut IMO and it took an oil finish nicly IF sanded well. It did have a tendency to tear out a bit when planed but nothing serious.
I cant believe someone found this for $5.10! I paid $7.25
Nice wood though
Steve, I think I will have to go back and buy what they have left, it scares me to see what others are paying, maybe this is a one time deal…

A friend said he looked it up online and found another seller had stock in town for $16.00 a board foot!

I don't mind the trip, but last time I made that drive it was about 44 hours (that was to Shelbyville TN) - halfway sounds acceptable to me… :)

Could bring a horse trailer full, what do you have to trade?

I will have to decline your kind offer. I find I am suffering a acute case of pecuniary embarrasment. Seems I had to take my 4 year-old grandson to the shoe store. He wanted Sketchers electric shoes. Peer preassure certainly starts early. Thanks anyway, and get it while you can. That is too good a price.

Electric shoes? You are way ahead of me…

What if I send you a few short pieces - 2' long - could you use them?

Will pick some more up this week.
I've paid $12.00/BF for thicknessed. I like it a lot. It doesn't have as much "grey" in it as typical walnut. Does that make any sense?

Electric shoes are what I call the footwear children go crazy over with leds in them that flash as the foot hits the ground. Been around for a few years and my Grandson is nothing if he isn't onto every fad that's current. I try not to spoil him, but ocasionally I give in.

You are really too kind, but I wouldn't expect you to spend that kind of money shipping that down here. But, if you want, I would reciprocate with purpleheart, yellowheart, bloodwood, or cherry. I think we are all wood junkies; and tool junkies…...

Al, that does make sense to me.

Steve, I will do that! I went back today and picked up 215 board feet (half for a neighbour) since everyone thought the price was so good…

Will get it into the shop and check with the post office or Purolator to see which is the better way to send it.

Bloodwood sounds interesting… do you have osage orange as well? I can't get it here, but at Summers Lumber just out of Nashville a couple years ago they gave me a 2' sample to put in my suitcase, and it is a real nice color!

I will PM you for your address and let you know when it is on the way.
I will seal the ends, have found it is easier getting across the border that way.
I just spoke to my supplier today about Peruvian walnut, he quoted me 4.25 bf. We only spoke about it because of a batch of beautiful walnut i recieved that was air dried and harvested from the smokey mountains. The wood was all heartwood, about 1% sap wood, and was the very darkest walnut i have seen with a very deep ebony red flavor. Anyway, my supplier told me the Peruvian walnut was the only comparable walnut he had to offer but at 4.25 bf, i would have to consider the customers budget because rustic black walnut is only 2.10 bf.

Anyway, if given the opportunity i would love to try the Peruvian walnut though i would be extremely excited to get more of the east TN air dried walnut.
Wow, that is an incredible price for walnut!

I pay over $5.00 bd foot here wholesale, but of course it doesn't grow here either…
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