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Performax tools

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From my local menards store, I have the opportunity to by a couple of tools that I am lacking for really cheap such as a jointer and sander.
The sander i feel is a perfectly fine tool to have from a lower end manufacturer, but when it comes to tools that can mame or kill, I am a little more hesitant.
Bottom line, from the reports I had been reading it seems like they may be decent enough tools to start with, but if anything breaks on them,they are disposable and replace with a higher quality unit.

Is this pretty much accurate?
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My first jointer was a Craftsman 6 1/8" floor model. It was not top quality by any stretch of the imagination but for an 18 year old (At that time) it worked fine. It took more setup and care to make sure that it held its suuare but at the time I had no choice but to get a lower priced unit or nothing at all. I have since upgraded to a powermatic and love it but there was no way I could have started with it.
I think you have to buy what you can afford, and work up to the better tools when you can. I always felt if I was going to cut expenses somewhere, I would do it on tools that dont require fine accuracy like a sanders, grinders etc.

When looking for tools however, dont discount Ebay and Craigs list. You can buy some excelllent stationary and hand tools on there both used and new for quite a discount over the local stores. Even if it has to be shipped, you often dont have to pay sales tax so it kind of offsets the shipping. Sometimes it takes a while before someone posts what you want, but it always seems to show up there so be patient. I think you would be better off to buy a good used tool over an inexpensive and possibly poorly made new one.
There are different grades of inexpensive tool were some equipment from places like harbour freight are not A tool I would normally buy, but some less expensive tools from Grizzly I think are outstanding values and good machines. I agree with Wayne that there are some super deals for used tools out there but if there price comes anywhere close to a new grizzly tool I would go Grizzly unless say it's a pomermatic in good condition.
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